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  1. Registration

    We screen requests to update this scheduler by Username/Password — if you are not logged-on as a registered user, then your request will be rejected.

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    If you are a user of the Minnesota Guitar Society Calendar but cannot post events, please take a moment to fill out our simple registration form.

  2. To Post a new event, use the Post Form.
    • You must be a registered user to post an event (see above).

    • You must fill out all fields in the form, except where specified. If you supply your email address, it will be posted at the end of the event.

    • The event description is treated as HTML.
      You can also cut-and-paste the contents of an entire HTML file.

    • The event description may be up to 20000 characters long. Descriptions that are longer will be truncated.

  3. To Delete -or- Edit an event or a series of events, you must be an administrator, the sole recipient of the event/series, -or- the same user that posted it.

    View the event, or one event of the series, and

    Click on one of: "
    - or -
    on one of: "

    If the date of an event you wish to delete or edit is not visible on the scheduler, click on the appropriate Subject Area or select an appropriate starting month to locate it.

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